OCTOBER 28 2023

Philipp Plein was thrilled to showcase the Fall/Winter 2024 Collection of PLEIN SPORT at the esteemed ISPO, Munich. PLEIN SPORT takes immense pride in offering an extensive range of high-quality and innovative products, including sneakers, ready to wear and eyewear by DERIGO, watches by TIMEX GROUP and accessories by LAIPE SPA. Whether the consumer is searching for the latest trends in sport, innovative and exclusive products, PLEIN SPORT produces it all.


The new PLEIN SPORT Collection is the concrete response to the needs of a consumer increasingly attentive to innovation and performance, yet also to the contemporary touch that remains an important pillar and signature of the brand.

“I am extremely excited about the new Plein Sport collection. It is an extraordinary opportunity for PLEIN SPORT to be part of ISPO and the location is the perfect setting to create a unique brand experience. I am also personally, very proud to be here in Munich, my own city! We have always thought about the needs and desires of our customers and all our work is aimed at satisfying them. PLEIN SPORT represents the extension of my vision that attracts fashion, lifestyle, sport with great attention and attention to detail.” – Philipp Plein

PLEIN SPORT is dynamic and revolutionary; its evolution and innovative traits are essential and intrinsic characteristics of this brand. In a constantly evolving world, PLEIN SPORT adapts and seizes all opportunities to offer a shopping experience and completely innovative products. With innovation at its core, PLEIN SPORT creates a spirit of inclusivity that embraces people passionate about sports and outdoor activities. The words that identify PLEIN SPORT can be summarized in freedom, community, well-being, respect and inclusiveness. PLEIN SPORT has the ability to adapt to your daily life and the dynamics of your lifestyle. 

The world is our gym.

For this reason, the journey of PLEIN SPORT continues in innovation and one of the cornerstones of the brand is the PLEIN SPORT TRUCK. After the kick-off of the SS23 collection, PLEIN SPORT has engineered and prototyped the PLEIN SPORT TRUCK to offer the first mobile shopping experience,  a mobile store that has already crossed several cities in EUROPE and today arrives at ISPO. PLEIN SPORT is functional, versatile and designed to support a dynamic, modern and holistic lifestyle. PLEIN SPORT takes you into the future of fitness. Each element is uniquely designed, combining technology, style and comfort.



German designer Philipp Plein founded his namesake luxury fashion brand 25 years ago and grew it since into one of the largest and most prestigious independent fashion and luxury brands in the world. Based in Lugano Switzerland and totally self-financed and debt free, the PHILIPP PLEIN Group employs over 700 women and men and it also owns, operates and develops the Billionaire and Plein Sports brands. Distinguished by an unconventional and non-conformist style combined with impeccable craftsmanship, the products of the PHILIPP PLEIN Group are available in prestigious boutiques and department stores across the globe and in over 110 mono-brand stores worldwide including flagships in Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Shanghai and Singapore.


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