In partnership with Give Back Beauty

Give Back Beauty is a global company specializing in licensing and distribution of beauty products. In January 2019 Philipp Plein announced the first licensing partnership with GBB. The name – Give Back Beauty reflects the company’s values – sustainability and giving back to the community. In fact, a portion of GBB profits is donated to selected foundations.


The world-renowned Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas has been collaborating with Philipp Plein since 2020, when the The $kull perfume was created. The $kull became an immediate success with its thrilling and bold composition and state-of-the-art bottle.

The three way partnership between Plein, Morillas and Give Back Beauty has resulted into launching the iconic No Limit$ and No Limit$ Super Fre$h later in 2021.

Philipp Plein introduced the brand’s first fragrance for women – Plein Fatale – in October 2022.
Alberto Morillas created a seductive and dazzling composition, complimented by unique bottle design.

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