In partnership with Andrea Montelpare Spa

Andrea Montelpare is a point of reference in the international world of children’s footwear, and a leader in the luxury fashion sector. Operating since 1993, the company has developed a consolidated experience in the high-end market and can be defined a real leader in the kids shoes market. Philipp Plein and Montelpare signed a partnership deal in September 2021 for both Philipp Plein & Plein Sport.


Montelpare’s company has been awarded the European Kids Fashion Award twice for their own footwear lines, the company pays close attention to the details of luxury.

The deep-rooted presence in the center of Italy makes possible a right mix between an industrial-type production approach and the wise use of typically artisanal processing phases, in which the manual contribution is still prevalent.

There are numerous laboratories and small production lines – mostly owned – which with extreme flexibility, are harmoniously integrated into the production chain under the strict qualitative supervision of the company. As proof of the excellent footwear vocation of the territory.

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