June 16, 2023

philipp plein Ss24


Milan, September 23rd, 2023, PHILIPP PLEIN has arrived in Milan with an underground ’80s mood. PLEIN LAND hosts an over-the-top spectacle where Philipp’s universe transforms into a festival through eccentric colors, enthusiasm, energy, and desire to celebrate the next Spring Summer 24.

The collection includes looks for both men and women, intended for courageous and daring people and those living life on the edge, filled with positivity and enjoyment.

The Plein Woman is colorful, sensual, and light. This woman is looking for fun, and from the bottom of her heart, her embrace of the desire for lightness and joy recalls the most popular ’80s song, “GIRLS JUST WANNA’ HAVE FUN”!

The collection explores dramatic mini-dresses and distinctive graffiti-iconic prints, conveying the message that the Plein woman is prepared to stand out. 

The Plein Man is inspired by the same aesthetics. Dressed in Pop Art-inspired suits, he is featured with bubble graffiti’ patterns as an iconic element with pieces enriched with red flame prints. This season, the Philipp Plein Man explores an intertwining of the elegant and the bold. 

The Plein Festival kickstarts the Spring/Summer 2024 season with a carousel that takes us into the vortex of celebration and provocation. The atmosphere, accompanied by an ’80s soundtrack, perfectly interprets the collection’s look and feel.

The catwalk metamorphoses into a skating ring, overtaken by looks inspired by and immersed in the ’80s atmosphere. From fashionable Venice Beach scenes to New York subways, from the shadows of skyscrapers all over the world to the most iconic fashion district, MILAN, Plein encompasses the world within the show and collection. 

Philipp’s love of playing with color is projected into his world and into his maximalist silhouettes, made to enhance and embrace both the masculine and the feminine forms. The new frontier of Philipp Plein’s world transports us into a unique experience where Plein unites music, fashion, art, and culture to share the enjoyment of living life at full speed.


German designer Philipp Plein founded his namesake luxury fashion brand 25 years ago and grew it since into one of the largest and most prestigious independent fashion and luxury brands in the world. Based in Lugano Switzerland and totally self-financed and debt free, the PHILIPP PLEIN Group employs over 700 women and men and it also owns, operates and develops the Billionaire and Plein Sports brands. Distinguished by an unconventional and non-conformist style combined with impeccable craftsmanship, the products of the PHILIPP PLEIN Group are available in prestigious boutiques and department stores across the globe and in over 110 mono-brand stores worldwide including flagships in Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Shanghai and Singapore.